Before the website comes the content

“I can copywrite my website content.” Have

you ever thought that?

Compelling website copy is vital to effectively

promote your products and services online.

Hence, hiring a professional copywriter with

experience in your industry is more than

just a recommendation.

Remember that customers surfing your site may be clueless about what you are selling. Your copy must:

  • educate your clients

  • create confidence

  • facilitate the decision-making process

Let’s look at the three key elements of any great piece of copy: slogan, content and creativity.


You need to communicate the purpose of your site clearly, avoiding jargon; this may seem obvious, but many websites fail to convey any real information.

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While these two slogans say what this company does, is there any substance to these messages? Who else can say the same things? And, what is more important, how do you think the above slogans sound to potential customers? I think the reaction will be: “Well, I hope they would be!”

Grab your customers’ attention without using waffle or fluff!


Compelling content is about nurturing the relationship with your customers and helping with their decision-making process.

Internet users do not read whole sentences but just scan the first few words of a page, looking for information that leads them to what they need. Placing keywords in the first sentence of a paragraph means that people are more likely to spot them.

For example, if you provide copywriting services for the e-commerce industry, instead of writing, “We focus on text, message and meaning to deliver excellent copywriting services for e-commerce companies”, it is better to write something like “Our e-commerce copywriting services focus on text, message and meaning to deliver excellent content”.

This principle also works for SEO: the higher up the keyword, the better your page will rank in search engines.


Creativity is behind any powerful slogan and any engaging piece of content: you must tell the story of your brand in a way that effectively connects with your audience.

Originality also allows you to capture the “vibe” of your customers, to help them remember you. If your logo, tagline or content catches your visitors’ attention, they will remember you when they need your products or services.

For example, Amazon reminds customers that they have everything from A to Z. I try to avoid buying on Amazon, but I know it is the place to go when I’m looking for something I cannot find on the High Street. 


Now may be a good time for you to check your content, and ask yourself whether you are happy with it.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about good copywriting practices!

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Before the website comes the content