Multilingual PPC

Pay per click advertising is one of the most popular forms of online advertising. Using the right keywords and selling messages is vital to enter new online markets in a successful way, making the most of your investment.

Firstly, our international PPC experts research keywords that are relevant to the target markets. They follow the quality guidelines required by Google, such as search volume, estimated bid and competition to deliver the most profitable list of keywords for paid search results.

Translating your keywords from the source language to the target language without performing keyword research can lead to costly mistakes. Selecting the right keywords means you do not waste money on clicks for irrelevant keywords.

Our talented linguists then write compelling ad copy not only to capture readers’ attention, but also to increase click-through rate while ensuring that ads have higher quality scores for lower cost per conversion. 

Ad copy helps to highlight the uniqueness of your product and grab your customers' emotions. This is not an easy task as all search engines have character limits for their ad copy, but we are confident that we deliver the best results!

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