Pancakes… and creative translation

Whether you prefer to roll or fold, opt for classic lemon and sugar or go all out with chocolate, fruit, nuts and cream - pancakes are creative and adaptable.

At Trust Your Brand we understand the importance of adapting copy to convey the same message across different cultures. Sometimes, translation requires a very high level of adaptation, and this process (which demands a high degree of creativity) is known as transcreation.

While the creative possibilities are endless when it comes to pancakes, there are some basic steps to follow when making your masterpiece to ensure that you get consistently good results, and everyone is happy.

These steps can be likened to the transcreation process.

Step 1: You don't need to keep stirring; let the batter rest

When editing copy to appeal to an international market it may be tempting to think you need to start from scratch completely, constantly 'stirring' and rearranging every word and phrase in order for your message to work. This is not often the case. Our team of creative translators take time to review the original copy and consider which specific parts need to be adapted and which parts need to be directly translated.

Step 2: Spread the mixture around the pan to avoid holes

When promoting a product or service you want to spread a certain message to your audience, and you want to spread this message wide and consistently, also in your international markets.

At Trust Your Brand we don't allow for holes or gaps in understanding or meaning. We make sure that taglines and wordplays not only make sense in the target language but that they are firmly rooted in the target culture; evoking the desired response so that your message is effectively spread in different languages.

For example, a creative piece of content like "A champion is someone who's ready when the gong rings - not just before, not just after - but when it rings”, will need to be rendered differently in other languages, simply because using “gong” as an element to catch the audience's attention is likely to be unsuccessful.


Step 3: Variety is the spice of life - have plenty of filling options!

When having a pancake party, you don't know what everyone's preferences will be and so it's great to be able to offer up an array of goodies for people to choose from. Similarly, a good transcreator will offer their client several suggestions based upon their expert knowledge of what will work and will discuss these options to find the best solution.

So with these tips this pancake day, while our team at Trust Your Brand get creative in coming up with ways to adapt your copy to appeal to new markets, you can focus on organising the perfect pancake party!


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