Rest Assured with your Translations

You may know that opting for Google Translate or Machine Translation is not the best way to translate your marketing materials or website. These automated tools do not understand all the nuances that languages have, so they often create nonsensical content that can damage your business reputation.

What is more, when presenting your brand to a new market, you are also introducing your business to a new culture, which may have social customs and conventions that are different from your own domestic market.

This is the case in the bed industry, for example. In the USA, Queen-sized beds are 152 x 203 cm, while in the UK the mattress closest to this size is actually known as King-sized. Europe does not have a designation for this size and would be most likely to refer to it as a 160-cm wide mattress

This is probably obvious to experts in the industry. But guess what? If you type the Spanish equivalent for “king size bed” (cama tamaño rey), you can find various listings on Amazon proudly displaying this search term. Oh dear! We doubt these bed manufacturers will ever sell a bed in Spain, as no customers will use this term when searching online.

Word-for-word translation rarely works, and translation always involves a certain degree of adaptation. Remember that when communicating across cultural and language barriers, translating a message effectively can often mean the difference between the success or failure of a campaign.

If your business is ready to serve new markets, maybe it is time to develop a strategy for your international communications. Speaking the same language as your customers will increase buyer confidence, and consequently your chances of successfully reaching new audiences.

You may be interested to hear that more than 70% of people say that, when making an online purchase, having the information in their own language is more important than a low price.

Only by using professional translation services can you rest assured that your translated copy will read authentically in different languages.

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Rest assured with your translations