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SEO seminar for ​ITI Cymru Wales, at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Cathays

Here is what they said:

The seminar was then held on the theme of ‘Multilingual SEO for translators: increase your visibility and offer an added service to your clients’, presented by Swansea-based member and director of Trust Your Brand, David Garcia Ruiz AITI. In the first part of the seminar, David opened by reminding us that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, so we as translators need to keep up and continually optimise our websites to ensure they appear as high up as possible in organic search engine rankings. David also pointed out that paid results tend to dominate rankings these days, however.


David introduced us to 13 major SEO factors, including number of website visits, duration of visit, pages visited per session and keywords used. As for the most important factor: content is king. For the best results, website content must be relevant, meet the minimum length required for indexing and contain an appropriate number of long-tail keywords consisting of at least 3 to 4 words. Yet, prose must be kept natural at the same time, so ‘keyword stuffing’ should be avoided. Another factor that constitutes good SEO are backlinks to our websites, which show that other web users find our content relevant.


In the second part, we were informed of the benefit of making SEO part of the translation process, rather than considering it as a separate, subsequent process; this involves less time and expense for the client. David introduced some tools to help us research and plan keywords that we should include in translations of our clients’ websites. After taking us through some strategies, he then asked the audience to have a go at writing meta titles and descriptions for a sample client’s website – easier said than done considering the character limits that apply.

(Article from ITI Cymru Wales Newsletter)

International SEO Workshop for Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters

What did they say?

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