SEO Translation for E-commerce 

Language barriers that exist between countries make it hard for some e-commerce retailers to communicate with groups outside their local region.

​Similarly, a translated website that is not findable on search engines like Google, won’t communicate anything to potential clients.

​Sprinkling a few keywords in the body text or title tags is not enough. Only a professional linguist with a solid background in SEO will be able to produce high quality translations for search-engine purposes.

​Why do you need SEO Translation?

​How can you incorporate the terminology that your potential customers are using when browsing for products? You need to do keyword research for your specific products and services.

​Using the correct keywords is essential to enable new clients to find you on the internet. Some elements to consider are:


  • Traffic volume: the higher the volume, the greater the chance you will attract traffic by targeting those specific key phrases

  • Competitors’ keywords: the amount of “effort” it would take to get to the top positions on Google

  • Strategic analysis: careful selection of long-tail keywords that will lead to sales for you


The translation process for print material is different from website translation since website content must be optimised for search engines.

​Keyword placement and volume in your content are vital to enable your website to rank highly on search engines. Search engines may recognise that two English words are synonyms, but it may not recognise that their translations are synonyms.

The use of appropriate variations and synonyms will keep the content readable and avoid keyword spamming.  

It is well known that in order to rank highly on search engines, different on-page and off-page SEO strategies must be followed. But remember, the most important elements for Google are still the quality and keywords of your content.

Keyword research is the basis and, by far, the most important aspect of SEO. If your keywords are not relevant for your products or services, everything else you do in terms of SEO will be a complete waste of time.

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SEO Translation and Keyword Research