Translators on LinkedIn: how to use keywords.

Translation agencies use LinkedIn to check on potential translators, but more important they also look for new translators on this social network.

You can easily increase your presence on LinkedIn, appearing in relevant positions in search results when potential clients look for candidates like you using search engines like Google.

Do you want to know how? Follow these two SEO tips.

Tip One: keywords for your job title

Use descriptive titles for the services you offer, so there is no question about what you do.

Have a look at the following job title:

English to Spanish Translator: Marketing Translation | Transcreation | Localisation

This linguist uses the technique of separating keywords with the | symbol, and she chooses those keywords that potential clients will be using to look for candidates like her.

Have a look at another job title

MA DPSI Freelance Spanish translator and creative writer

In theory, this is a great job description for a translator. However, a few questions come to my mind when I come across it:

  • Is he a translator or an interpreter?

  • What is his language combination?

  • What is his area of specialism?

It is necessary that potential clients quickly understand what you are offering. Unless your job title reflects that you are the candidate they are looking for, you may not be considered.

Tip two: Optimize your job descriptions

Website users often only read the first half of the first sentence of a paragraph and so it is crucial that your information is accurate. Use short paragraphs and give readers a reason to continue reading.

Have a look to the following job description:

I am a DPSI Freelance Spanish translator with years of experience working in legal settings.

The same questions arise again

  • Is he a translator or an interpreter?

  • What is his language combination?

In additions, and assuming that this linguist is an interpreter, do you think a potential client from Spain will look for a DPSI Interpreter or a Sworn Interpreter?

This is why you must make sure that you identify your target clients and you speak the same language as them. This means that you must predict the keywords potential customers use.

The time spent researching the customer profile and the language of the customer pays off when you get the job!

Do you think you can improve your LinkedIn profile?

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!

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