How to translate a PPC Campaign in Spanish

Do you think you can benefit from running a PPC campaign in Spanish?

The buying power of Hispanics in the USA is $1.5 trillion, and almost two thirds of them are digital buyers.

Interestingly, a significant 35% of US Hispanics use Spanish to shop online. Here are a few reasons why.

-They don’t want to miss any details, whether it is the return policy details or how to hire a new insurance.

-They believe that speaking Spanish is a way to stay connected to their culture.

-Latin American shoppers are more passionate than British and Americans, and they engage better with their native language.

This means that 35% of US Hispanics navigate online in Spanish and respond better to online ads in Spanish.

Do not only translate

Can I translate the keywords from my PPC campaign in English into another language?

Simple: No, because people do not search for the same terms in different languages.

Using the right keywords and selling messages is vital to enter new online markets in a successful way, making the most of your investment.

Length of headlines and description lines

When translating from English into Spanish or some other languages, translations will generally be 25% longer than the original.

Hence, new headlines and description lines must be written to fit the content into Google’s characters limits.

Keywords that may appear in the English version may not fit in the new rendition.

Communication between clients and linguists is vital to ensure that the ads are adapted accordingly and primary keywords are included in the text.

Negative keywords

You have large traffic volumes that do not translate into sales, why?

Words may have different meanings, so you must include negative keywords to make sure you attract the right traffic to your website.

I recently worked in a campaign that included the keyword “petrol barrel”; the Spanish equivalent is “barril de petróleo”, a straightforward rendition.

However, Spaniards buying draught beer look for “barril de cerveza”. Including “cerveza” as a negative keyword is necessary in this example; otherwise, investors looking to put their money in the petrol industry may end up buying beer instead!

Find out more information about how to translate and localise your PPC Campaign into success!

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