Training and eLearning

Do you want all employees and students to fully understand your presentations, training programmes and questionnaires? 

Trust Your Brand can help you translate and localise all your training and eLearning content to ensure that your communications are clear and accurate.


We have substantial experience translating training and education documentation in subjects such as HR, Fintech and Marketing.

Here is a selection of training and eLearning translations we have completed for our highly valued clients:

Training materials to create marketing and sales funnels for private healthcare businesses (EN into SP, 70,000 words)


Livesey Solar is a healthcare marketing agency that help eye surgeons and clinics market and grow their business. 


We needed to translate training material including techniques to manage and increase sales in first appointments. The deadline was tight, so we coordinated our translators and DTP team to work on this task at short notice. 


Thanks to our experience in the training sector, we were the perfect match for this assignment.  


And they are pleased with our work! 


"David offers a fantastic service, professional, quick and reliable. He delivered on time and budget and was a pleasure to work with. I will be using David again for translation services. Highly recommend his services." Clare Clarkson

Training materials for a Forex trading course (English into Spanish, 50,000 words)

Presentations, tests, worksheets or feedback forms were some of the documents we translated.

Since many of the terms were particular to the foreign exchange market and it is a common practise to use some English terms as standard in this industry, we needed to make sure that our translations matched the translations already in circulation, and we researched thoroughly with relevant Spanish institutions in this sector.

Customer service and upselling skills training course (English into Spanish, 10,000 words)

An important organisation needed to translate their materials to make sure their employees fully understood how to make guests feel welcome, appreciated and well cared for. It was very interesting to translate the different selling techniques used to increase revenues by the same number of sales, simply by teaching sales staff to upsell. We used a polite, clear and easy to understand language as requested by the client.

Framework for Initial English Teacher Education Report (English into Spanish, 8,000 words)

This translation involved explaining terms such as 'teaching', 'learning', 'cognitive theories' and 'interactive methods' - those that take place in a public arena - a classroom, a seminar room or a lecture theatre.

Thanks to our strong knowledge about English teaching and Linguistics, we were the perfect match for this project.

Marketing presentation about the principles of Design Thinking (English into Spanish, 3,000 words)

We really enjoyed this project about how to use good design for better UX and Marketing results.

One particular challenge in this case was the localisation of some expressions strongly rooted in the English language. Since it was a Power Point document there were also linguistic challenges related to space constraints: when translating English into Spanish, text can expand by up to 40%. 

Sustainability training presentation for the employees of a Hotel Group (EN into SP, 3,000 words)


An important hotel chain needed to translate their presentation to make sure their employees understand the sustainability goals of the hotel and learn what are the best practices in the use and recycling of plastic.


This was a task with a lot of visual information, so we made sure our DTP team replicated all the visual elements in the target language. There was some technical terminology involved, for example to describe the different types of plastics and green plastics, and we used a clear and easy to understand language as requested by the client.


Would you like to see some samples of our translations? Drop us an email and we will be pleased to send you our portfolio!