Tourism and Travel

Whether you are a hotel, a steamship or a museum, we can translate catalogues, travel guides, press releases and promotional material. Speak the language of your international customers and welcome people from all over the world!

Here is a selection of tourism and travel translations we have completed for our highly valued clients:

Articles and posts for Babbel (English/Italian to Spanish, 35,000 words)

We have translated a large volume of content for this multilingual language app to promote cultural diversity, travelling, international cuisine, and, as you may imagine, learning languages!

Would you like to read some of them? Just click on the links below.

9 Things You Absolutely Need To Do When You Visit Canada

6 Of The UK’s Funniest Place Names, And The Stories Behind Them

Bagna càuda and other 10 dishes of the Piedmont

And they are pleased with our work!

"Communication throughout the various projects with him has always been efficient and effective, and he has completed all tasks assigned to him to our highest satisfaction. Needless to say, we are very happy to work with David, and we also receive similarly great feedback on his work from our colleagues!" Marina Segarra



Website translation for a major hotel chain (English to Spanish, 18,000 words)

A visit to the spa, a traditional Bavarian dinner and luxurious rooms were some of the irresistible offers that were accurately translated to elicit the desired response from readers.

Since this was a project carried out by multiple translators, it was very important to be consistent in the use of the terminology stated in the glossary.

Brochures for one of London’s major tourist attraction (English into Spanish, 10,000 words)

We took great delight in translating this must-see attraction, which offers a culture-filled, fun day out for all ages.

The content was full of great art, culture and a history of the British Royal family. One of the biggest challenges was to decide which works were known well enough to use the Spanish equivalent, and which ones were left in English to avoid confusion among readers.  


Would you like to see some samples of our translations? Drop us an email and we will be pleased to send you our portfolio!