Websites and Apps

If you want to serve your customers globally, it is an imperative that your website and app are in the language of your international customers.

When it comes to website and app translation, it is not only necessary to be an expert in your specific field, but translators must also be familiar with isolated terms used frequently on these platforms.

There are also linguistic challenges - such as character limitation due to the limited space of buttons and icons: when translating English into Spanish, text can expand by up to 40%.

This is why you need an expert you can trust!

Here is a selection of translations we have completed for our highly valued clients:

Website for an international courier (English into Spanish, 15,000 words)

Thanks to our technical expertise and experience in the shipping and courier sectors, we ensured that the translation was fit for purpose.

Also, since the legal sector is one of our specializations, we assisted with the translation of their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Football fantasy game app for a financial company (English into Spanish, 6,000 words)

Football fans (like us) love to pick up a team and play with mates…Those who are very good can also win prizes! This app launched for the last football World Cup was slightly different from the conventional football fantasy games, since players needed to choose stocks and industry sectors from the countries playing the tournament.

It was really fun completing this job!


Would you like to see some samples of our translations? Drop us an email and we will be pleased to send you our portfolio!