Stoneware, Furniture and Design

For the last 5 years, we have provided translation services for a leading Italian manufacturer of porcelain stoneware and wall and floor tiles, as well as for a luxury kitchen manufacturer in this country. 

 “Made in Italy” furniture and design is attractive to people all over the world: simplicity, functionality and peacefulness are the trademarks of Italian style. How can you evoke this feeling in Spanish? Your words need to be informative and inspiring, allowing customers to absorb and reflect on your brand.

Our extensive experience in the furniture and interior design sectors make us the perfect fit for such translations.

Here is a selection of stoneware, furniture and design translations we have completed for our highly valued clients:

Assembly manuals, product specifications, brochures, websites and installation instructions for a porcelain stoneware wall and floors tiles solutions manufacturer (Italian into Spanish, 200,000 words).

We have loved working hand-in-hand with this client over time, providing advice and finding the best solution for them.

For example, referring to trademark systems or colours differently in various locales can confuse your audiences; Hence, we have created a library of terminology to deliver consistent translations.

We like to work collaboratively, and our client is happy to answer questions so that we know the exact intention behind a certain phrase or word.

Brochures, product specifications and website content for a luxury kitchens manufacturer (Italian into Spanish, 20,000 words)

The brand's strong personality and character provoke intense emotions in their clients, and these emotions, when turned into marketing content, must be translated into the Spanish language in order to capture the heart of the Spanish people in the same way.

Accuracy in the use of technical terminology is also a must, and we have provided our translation services on many occasions, ensuring that we are consistent in the use of terms that usually need to be localised for the Spanish market.

Luxury villas for sales brochures (English into Spanish, 6,000 words)

Luxury brands use descriptive and emotive language to sell a lifestyle as much as a property or product. Our challenge with this project was to capture the luxuriousness through the written word, using appropriate language in line with the nature of the brand.

We really enjoyed completing this task. It required precision and the use of an elegant tone throughout.


Would you like to see some samples of our translations? Drop us an email and we will be pleased to send you our portfolio!