Transcreation Services


We can define transcreation as the process of translating message and meaning, maintaining the spirit of the original copy.


Slogans, tag lines and catchy phrases are often used to attract customers to buy products and services, but word-for-word translation is rarely enough to evoke the desired response from a foreign market.


I adapt language, tone, humour, cultural influences and other key elements, to communicate your brand's values effectively in Spanish.  

Creative linguists create new material to match your message


Every language and culture have their own expressions and what works for one audience will not necessarily work for another.


For example, a simple slogan in English such as "stay in control" will not work very well in Spanish. A similar expression such as "siempre bajo control" (always under control) is more familiar for the Spanish audience.

However, things can get trickier. Consider these two tag lines:


"It's im-paw-sible to resist falling in love with these sweet dogs"


"Bringing the wow factor to the city"


"Im-paw-sible" and "wow factors" are concepts that exist in the English language, but not in Spanish or some other languages.


A direct translation in Spanish or some other languages simply won't work.


It is necessary to recreate the content for a specific language target market, and this process is known as transcreation.



Creative collaboration

By providing me with a simple brief of who you want to speak to and what you want them to hear, I get to work analysing your brand and considering how best to convey your message to a Spanish audience.

I will create several suggestions for each tagline or key message based on what I know will work in the Spanish market, providing back translations in English as well as relevant comments behind my suggestions.

I invite you to discover my five-step approach to transcreation to understand the process in more detail!

I have worked in different industries, from tourism and travel to stoneware, creating original online ads and superb brochures.

And for those cases where the ideas behind your copy simply do not fit into the target culture, my content creation service can recreate your marketing materials from scratch.

Do you want your words to be motivating and inspiring? Then, please get in touch.