Translation Audit

An increasing number of companies are approaching Trust Your Brand because they are uncertain as to whether the translation of their website and materials is good enough. In many cases, we see many mistranslations where meaning is completely lost.

Asking your colleagues or acquaintances who are native speakers of the language in question about the quality of a translation can be the first step if you unsure as to its’ accuracy. However, if you really want to know how good or bad your translated content is, you should ask a professional language provider to conduct an audit of your existing content.

An evaluation of a small sample of translated text will give you all you need to gauge whether the accuracy, grammar and style faithfully portray the meaning of the source text.

The issues that we often encounter are:

The content is inaccurate.

Word-for-word translation is correct, but they do not make sense.

The translation is correct, but the message is culturally inappropriate.

What do to do next?

There are three possible outcomes:

The translated content is fine and no further action is required.

The content is poor and it needs to be proofread and reviewed to improve the quality.

It is so bad that you need to re-translate the content.

Our audits reveal that in most cases (when we have been asked to assess the quality of a piece of content), a new translation from scratch is required. Content that is cumbersome and machine translations are easily identified, and in most cases, it is easier to retranslate the whole text rather than attempt to amend it.

You may think that advising to re-translate your content is the best way for a professional translation agency to make more money. But, unfortunately, this is often the reality when companies, unaware of the importance of using professional translation services, have relied on unqualified translators or machine translation in the past.

Do not pay twice

Buying second-rate translations can end up being much more expensive than hiring a professional language service provider or professional translator in the first place.

Are you unsure about the quality of your existing multilingual content? Enquire today about our free content audit!