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Monetary Units and Numbers

​ ​Week 4: How can I localise monetary units and numbers? Translators are not usually ask to change currencies in translations. If you are translating a clothing website selling a dress for $50, the clothing brand will make sure that prices for Spain or other Spanish speaking countries will appear in their respective currency. I would like to point at, however, some of the rules for expressing monetary units: 1) In English texts the codes ‘EUR’, ‘USD’ and ‘GBP’ are followed by a hard space and the amount: a sum of EUR 20 a sum of USD 20 a sum of GBP 20 In Spanish, the order is reversed; the amount is followed by a hard space and the codes ‘EUR’, ‘USD’ and ‘GBP’. una suma de 20 EUR una suma d

Why do you need to localise colours?

Week 3: Why do you need to localise colours? When it comes to website localisation, everything must be relevant and acceptable in the cultural context of each location. Hence, a company would not promote a new competition in Spain having a black cat as a slogan, because the brand’s colour should create a good impression in the foreign market. I am not going to talk about the too often discussed topic of cultures and the meaning of colours. I am going to focus on the challenges that translators face when localising colours appearing in brochures or catalogues. Take the following colour selection: I would not find any difficulties rendering these terms into Spanish: Espacio abierto, Loft, Ofic

A 3-Week Journey into Localisation

Week 2: Cultural References Welcome back! For those of you who missed the first part of the blog, you can find it here. Last week, I finished my article asking how you would say "food sleeve" in Spanish. We do not have a definitive answer, but thank you for your feedback and support. Leaving behind the localisation of the recycling flyer, we will now deal with a contract. In the Court Do not panic! It is only a sentence in a tenancy agreement: “The Tenant agrees to pay all charges and bills including…television license.” The reader needs to know what “television license” is in order to make sense of the clause. Even though this term is lexicalized in the Spanish language, this fee in unfamil

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