Amazon listing translations: two keys to increase your visibility.

Are you ready to sell on a new European Amazon marketplace? If the answer is yes, we advise that you translate your listings so that Amazon can deliver them in German, French, Spanish or Italian.


Get the right keywords


The first thing you need to consider when selling to customers in languages other than English, is that the keywords they use in the search field are likely to be different.


Why? Search habits are unique to each country, meaning that keywords are also unique.

For example, in the English language, there is not any keyword to refer to a "Roof light bar" that is exclusively for lorries. However, in the German language, there is: Dachlampenbügel (Roof is "Dach" in German, and "Lampenbügel" refers to "light bar").

However, if we use Google Translate, the proposed translation for "roof light bar (for lorries)" is Dachlichtleiste, which is a more general term, used for any type of roof light bars.

As you probably know, if your titles and descriptions do not include the keywords that Amazon users type in the search field, Amazon will not deliver your results, and nobody will find your products.

When using professional translation services for Amazon, you do not only need a qualified native speaker in the target language, but also an individual who understands the importance of keyword research and is able to use tools such as Sonar or SEMRush.

Get professional translation services from the start

Knowing another language is not the same as being a translator. We all have friends who can cook a good meal, but would you let them do the catering for your wedding? The same applies to translation. Good translators have years of experience and professional qualifications, so it is best to let them handle it from the start.

You may have heard about Google Translate, Machine Translation or Neural Machine Translation and their capability to solve our translation needs. However, the current reality is that machine translation has its limitations, and we still find amusing translation mistakes every day.

An example of an amusing translation? In the USA, Queen-sized beds are 152 x 203 cm, while in the UK the mattress closest to this size is actually known as King-sized. Europe does not have a designation for this size and would be most likely to refer to it as a 160-cm wide mattress.

But guess what? Surprise, surprise…If you type cama tipo rey  (the Spanish equivalent for "king size bed" on Amazon), you can find various listings proudly displaying this inaccurate translation. Nobody in Spain will type cama tipo rey  in the search field when looking for this item, which means your listing will not show on search results.

Only by using professional translation services and optimizing your Amazon listings can you rest assured that the potential of your business will be maximized.

For more information, you can drop us a line. We are always happy to help!

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