Website Translation Boosts Your SEO

You may be familiar with some of the SEO techniques that are effective to boost your site’s ranking. But do you know that translating your site into different languages can double your search traffic and improve your position on search engines?

When analysing your site’s traffic data, you might find that your visitors’ geographic location is very diverse. Therefore, you can easily determine what languages will be likely to capture new business beyond your borders.

Consumers worldwide want everything on their own terms, including a preference for communicating in their own language. Contrary to what you may think, the majority of internet searches are not in English. The following graphic shows the most common languages used on the internet as of June 2017. 

Many websites and ecommerce stores are aware of the importance of international shipping or multicurrency payment options, but only a small percentage of these sites provide their international customers with information in their native language.

Localising and adapting your content to the culture, customs and values of foreign customers will mean greater user interaction and time on the site, as well as lower bounce rates. This will not only help your international SEO efforts but it will also increase the chances of making a sale.

The importance of keywords

If you want to get your website in front of an international audience, you will need to understand what your target audience is searching for. How can you incorporate the terminology that your potential customers are using when browsing for your products abroad?

You can get a general idea by analysing competitors who rank highly for generic terms that are to be targeted. However, if you really want to have insights and information about foreign markets in their specific language(s), you need to perform keyword research in the target language.

A case study of keyword research

Recently we were approached by a London based company selling jewellery. Even though they had a functioning multilingual website, the amount of international sales was very low compared to the domestic market. We suggested performing keyword research in different languages.

Our list of keywords provided very interesting insights; for example, more than 6,000 English native speakers search for “lockets christening” every month on Google. In contrast, French native speakers use a wider range of keywords when searching for this product such as bijoux bapteme and medaille de bapteme, with 1,100 and 1,500 average monthly searches respectively.  

This shows the importance of understanding the terminology, brainstorming new keywords and analysing them based on various relevant metrics. Once the research and analysis is over, you will have the most profitable list of keywords for organic search results.

After implementing the keywords on your website, your content will be relevant for local search engines and potential customers. Our unique approach will ensure that content will be localised and optimised for search engines in different countries.


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Most common languages used on the internet
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