Why should you translate your website into Spanish?

More than 572 million people speak Spanish worldwide and 477 million of these are native speakers.


It therefore makes perfect sense to translate your website into Spanish to reach the millions of Spanish speakers around the world.


Here are 7 Fun Facts about the Spanish language:


1. Spanish is among the top 3 most popular languages to study worldwide


In the US, Spanish is the most studied language at all school levels, including university, and China also focusses on teaching Spanish at school. In fact, Spanish joins French and Mandarin as the most studied language worldwide.


2. Spanish is one of the world's most phonetic languages

Unlike English, if you see a Spanish word written down it is fairly easy to figure out how to pronounce it. It's understandable that a foreigner may not know how to pronounce "tough" in English, but it's easier to figure out how to pronounce "duro".


3. There are many regional dialects of Spanish

Spanish is not only spoken in Spain, but also in South America and within both these nations there are regional dialects that differ from each other. Hiring a professional translator will mean you are safe from mistakes, depending which nation and region you are speaking to.


4. Spanish is a Romance language


It evolved from Latin and is certainly spoken with a lot of passion.


5. The most used letter in Spanish is "E"


This is due to the most commonly used preposition being "de".


6. Spanish is the third most commonly used language online

377 million communicate in Spanish on social media channels and the general use of Spanish online has shot up by around 800% in recent years.


7. Arabic influenced the Spanish language

Arabs were present in Spain for around nine centuries and so some of their language stuck around. An example of an Arabic word adopted by the Spanish is "azucar", which means "sugar".


If you are planning to enter the Spanish market, we will be happy to have a chat with you!

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