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Trust Your Brand’s Information Security Policy

We take all possible precautionary measures to guarantee that your personal data is safeguarded.

Updates to computers and devices


The equipment used for storing and processing personal data is updated as frequently as possible.



Anti-virus software is installed on the equipment used for storing and processing personal data, to prevent the theft or destruction of this information. This anti-virus software is regularly updated.



Firewalls are in place on all devices used for storing or processing personal data, to avoid remote unlawful third-party access.

Back up


Personal data is periodically backed up on a device other than that used on a day-to-day basis. The copy is stored in a secure place, separate from the computer containing the original files, so that personal data can be recovered in the event of loss or damage. Should this back up be done via electronic methods, an encrypted method is used to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data, in the event of unlawful third-party access.

Technical measures


All electronic systems in use for storing or processing personal information are password protected.

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