Multilingual SEO


Content is how you articulate your brand's story. It's also how you share valuable information online to inform and engage with potential clients.


And SEO is a key aspect of your content if you would like potential customers to find your published content online.


At Trust Your Brand we help businesses rank high on Google to achieve their goals, whether it is to translate traffic into sales, new subscriptions or something else.   


This is how we achieve that:


Keyword Research


The first thing we find out is what people search for online. Once we know this, we can identify topics and create content.


This means the content we create is exactly what your audience is after - whether it is a general query such as "white paint" or a FAQ such as "how to paint a room". 


Content Planning


Forward planning is essential when considering an SEO-strategy.


Following the keyword research, we then plan and create relevant content that ranks well for the questions your customers are asking.


Perhaps we will plan a series of blog posts on a trending topic or schedule content that is seasonally relevant.


Our aim is always to plan an SEO-strong content strategy that drives customers to you.


Link building


Google wants to know that your content is informative, credible and relevant.


Having other websites with high domain authority linking to your content is an excellent way to let Google know that your content is worth showing in the results.


We build links so that your content becomes more visible.


On-page optimisation


There are some simple, but often overlooked, SEO must-haves that we always make sure are covered.


From alt text to meta descriptions we always make sure your content has the best chance of ranking on Google's search results.


UX and social media


We are not experts in these two areas, but we can give you some valuable opinions and point you in the right direction if you need help from an expert.


Multilingual SEO Training

As an expert in International SEO, I also provide an SEO translation course at AulaSIC and workshops for businesses and translators looking to add another string to their bow.

Is this what you are looking for? Then please get in touch!  

Multilingual SEO Workshop
 International SEO Workshop for Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters.