Trust Your Brand focuses on message and meaning, considering different cultural elements for the target language, so that the marketing message is effective beyond the realms of the English language.

Whether you need to translate your company’s website or a product brochure for next season’s range, we will ensure you remain on brand.

Here is a selection of sale and marketing translations we have completed for our highly valued clients:

Press releases, brochures and products specifications for an outdoor clothing brand (English/Italian into Spanish, 40,000 words)

Sleeping bags, tents, mountaineering boots or helmets for head protection: the features of all such apparel and gear are often very technical. However, when advertising such things the need for an emotional connection with potential customers is also crucial.

We helped this brand overcome linguistic barriers and overly technical lingo that may prevent potential customers from buying their clothing, equipment and accessories.

Brochures for a luxury broadloom carpets and rugs company (English into Spanish, 30,000 words)

Even though the main purpose of this marketing material is to inform the general public, it was key to conduct a thorough research of the different technical terminology present in the text - woven textures, materials, piles, blinds or edging types were just some of the challenging language we encountered.

Creative Translation and Transcreation of Car Brochures (English/Italian into Spanish, 30,000 words)

We took the translated text and adapted it to appeal to the Spanish market.  For example, we had a slogan to promote a new model like “Fuel your instinct”. In Spanish, this wordplay does not work very well when translated directly. You must say something like “Wake up your instinct"; which, translated back into English, sounds pretty awkward. 

We have worked on numerous projects in the automotive industry, conveying the essential idea of a marketing campaign from one country or culture to another, and eliciting the desired emotional response. 

Headphones and speakers’ brochures and specifications for a leading audio brand (English into Spanish, 20,000 words)

We loved working with this original lifestyle audio brand. Despite a vocabulary with a sometimes highly technical terminology,  we had to remain faithful to this young and active brand, who want to be at the centre of youth culture, by following the style guide provided.


Football app proposal for Incrowd (English into Spanish, 6,000 words)

InCrowd proposed to build an app for LaLiga, explaining how the app will be developed to deliver content to the fan.

A unique connectivity solution, push notification system, data feeds and analytics tools were some of the features that sought to grow ticketing, shop, sponsorship and other ancillary revenues for each club.

Thanks to our experience in the marketing and football sector, we were the perfect match for this assignment.

Custom fitted earplugs brochures and user manual for a leading company (English into Spanish, 8,000 words)

We really enjoyed translating the brochures and user guides for these medical grade silicone earplugs designed to prevent hearing loss and increase workplace safety.

One of the biggest challenges was the character limitation due to the limited space within the brochures, as well as the instructions to fit text and images appropriately.

Football videos describing the experience of fans on a match day (English into Spanish, 12,000 words)

Terms such as one-two, fixtures or squad list may pose a challenge for a linguist who does not have football as his/her specialism. Why? Because Spanish, as well as any other language, has its own specific football slang, which must be learned.

With a passion for this sport that has been cultivated for more than 20 years, our translations were accurate and vivid.


Would you like to see some samples of our translations? Drop us an email and we will be pleased to send you our portfolio!

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