Imagine a business without borders

At Trust Your Brand, that is our vision! 

Our job is to remove language barriers for your business when communicating with international markets so that your brand is trusted and understood, no matter where you are selling.


David García Ruiz has worked as a Spanish language specialist since 2014. He runs his business from Swansea, UK, and he is passionate about helping businesses communicate in Spanish and other European languages.

He holds an MA in Translation from Swansea University and is a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (MITI), as well as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL).



Throughout your project you deal directly with David. 

This means that he takes care of you from start to finish, and you know who is responsible for your translation and content creation.

He has a well defined and thoroughly tested process to ensure the quality of your translation and content, which includes collaborating with other translators and content creators when necessary. 



At Trust Your Brand we believe that just as Nelson Mandela said, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to a man in his own language, that goes to his heart." 


We love creating content and providing translations that really connect with your audience, making sure that your communications work within your target market.

Multilingual Network

David noticed that brands were looking for help solving their translation needs in the main European languages and he wanted to provide the solution, founding Trust Your Brand in 2014.

He works with a network of specialists in the main European languages and together we recreate your content in the target language. 

There are certain steps that we take to deliver the best results:

1. We assign the translation to the most appropriate mother-tongue translator

2. An independent linguist reviews the translation

3. We validate the final translation

4. We send the document across to you

5. You can take all the time you need to check over the document at your end

6. We will be available to answer any questions should they arise

We are committed to providing clients with a tailored service, guaranteeing exceptional results in all areas.

Continuous Professional Development

David is committed to promoting the highest standards in his profession. 


Over the last few years he has both attended, and spoken at, many conferences and events, including:

Translation and Localization Conference, September 2020

BP Translation Conference, May 2019

ITI Conference, May 2019

Canary Translators, November 2018

Brighton SEO Conference, September 2018

Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting, October 2017

ITI Conference, May 2017

Elia's Together Event, February 2017

London Language Show, October 2016

Asetrad Annual Meeting, April 2016

Elia's Together Event, February 2016


David is committed to supporting the community in Swansea. He takes pride in giving back and building a brighter future for his neighbours by contributing time, talent, money and other resources to Matthew's House.

Matthew's House is a hub of hospitality and hope in the heart of Dylan Thomas's "ugly, lovely town". In early 2017 the centre launched Matt's Café, with an aim to intercept food waste destined for land fill and use it to feed those who need it, on a pay as you feel basis.

"I find it a very humbling experience and I feel I gain far more than I give every Sunday I volunteer in the Café," David said. "I have raised money by running the Swansea Half Marathon for the last two years. I have had very interesting conversations with friends who did not know about the charity and a number of them are now volunteers," he added. 


Looking ahead, Matthew's House would like to build a shower room and laundry facilities, which will also run on a pay-as-you-feel basis. We can't think of a better investment than this contribution to our community!

David volunteering


You can find David one email or one phone call away. He is always happy to discuss your needs and find best solution for you. Get in touch now!